Saturday, September 17, 2011

☂little tidbits☂

The great adventure in thrifting is, of course, that you never know what you'll find...somettimes it's nothing. But on the other hand, unless things are very very slim, there's always know? :) Luckily, I'm learning (believe it or not!) the art of restraint. It helps that we are living in Oregon now, where the yards sales and such to choose from are much fewer. In California, you'd find literally a hundred sales in the area I used to live. And in Oregon, just as literally, there are maybe ten. On a good weekend.

The differentiating factor is also that Oregon sales tend to be a little more interesting. For example, I met the cutest little old couple selling things out of their barn. The lady was quite sweet, and had a lot of old things out. That was where I found the smallest "tidbit" of all...this little bunny.

 Wee, adorable, and accompanied by his mother, seen below.

I've been looking for old flower frogs for the longest time...although I could have just bought them from an antique store, I've been waiting to find them at a yard sale just for the fun of finding one for cheap.
At 10 cents apiece, they certainly were cheap...I just didn't think they'd be so small. But I think they're adorable. The old Crayolas and 70's Hot Wheel were just too sweet to pass on. It was, after all, a tidbit weekend.

At the same sale, I bought this lightbulb necklace.
I thought it fun.

The last thing from there was a box of old floral picks,
feathers, frou-frou things, and old corsage pieces, a dollar for the box.

These are some of them...

My daughter is obsessed with the Fancy Nancy books right now,
and as soon as I saw this, I knew we had to use it to make
an extra-fancy hat for her to wear.

           (copyright: Jane O'connor/HarperCollins)

These are my favorite of the bunch.

Isn't the little bee cute?

At another yard sale I found some old thread...

...which, I have to say, I am more appreciative of
now that I've seen how much thread can cost in the store.

I want to start some embroidery projects, and never really looked
at the thread before. Who knew it was kind of pricey? Not me.  :)

And, the rest is courtesy of the Yachats Lion's Thrift Store.
Open only 3 days a week, but always worth a look.
This last time, my daughter Addie came with me
and that made it even more fun.

This was 50 cents.

I needed a potholder, and I especially like homemade ones.
They're just...cozier.

Okay, so maybe I already have a set of salt & pepper shakers
similar to these.
But I do NOT have any with googly eyes,
or any that are tiny. 
Now instead of having one pair I have a "collection."  ;)

What I like too about this thrift store is you are free to look
at anything they have, even merchandise that's on their table
waiting to be priced and put out.
That's where I noticed this little box.

Don't you love when you find a curious-looking box
or tin or some-other-such container that seems interesting
and you find something neat inside?

The brush was ok, but what I really loved 
were the old hairpins in their original box.

Things were so much cuter back in the "olden days!"

As a side note, while taking pictures of all my things,
Addie (who is almost 4) asked me for the zillionth time
"Mama, why do you like to take pictures of your old things?"
I always tell her that I just think they are cool.
This seems to answer her question.
So she asked if she could take a picture too,
and carefully played with and rearranged the items
so that they would look just so.

I thought that was very cute :)

She also loves to play with my phone in general,
and take random pictures of herself.

She's nutty, that one.

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Vintage Sweetheart said...

I love the light bulb necklace it's awesome. All your little tidbits are adorable.

E :)

Cameron said...

You do find the neatest things! I love those little bunnies!

Plus, I wanted to thank you again for those 2 bottles you gave me....they made excellent additions to my Witch's pantry ;P
Addie is, indeed,a cutie....and not just a tidbit either :D

Hope you are all well!
Big hugs,

Zara said...

How sweet is the little bunny rabbit. You have certainly found some great little treasures. x

Helen and her Daughters said...

I love those hairpins, you found a lot of neat things. Addie is such a cutie. We have an Addie in our family too.

Anonymous said...

Oh that is the cutest and sweetest wee bunny.

Cathy said...

OH you found treasures! Love the hairpins and the bunnies!