Monday, August 1, 2011

The August Break 2011: Pic 1

Today's picture: nothing stunning, but an achievement, surely...I managed to get most of my vintage items  out of moving boxes and out so I could get to them more easily. I really want to do better with my etsy shop--simply because it's fun.

But as I told Nate it's much more difficult to tell myself "No, you're not a hoarder" and believe it. Oh well.  :p

I love how Addie is reaching up to grab for something.

That is sooooo accurate.  :)

p.s. to Cam: I wish it could've been this way when you were here!

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Cameron said...

No worries! I love digging thru stuff! ....but, now you have a witness to the achievement this represents...heehee ;D Good for you....get that stuff've got some real gems!

Thank you for letting me shop in "Marty's Antiques and Treaures" for an hour!!