Saturday, August 20, 2011

The August Break 2011: Pic 17

Today we received an exciting package in the mail.

You see, we recently won a generous giveaway from

Jennifer is the sweet lady behind that website.
What's behind her blog name, you wonder?

She writes:
"Embracing the sweet and messy moments of life is what my blogging journey is all about. As we all know, life can be sweet and beautiful {like cupcakes} and yet, at times, it can also be completely messy, unpredictable and just flat out icky {like mud puddles}."

This is her blog header...

Isn't it gorgeous?

We were lucky enough to win a $100 Target gift card!

What a lovely blessing.
With three little ones, and one income,
we definitely have to watch where our money goes.
So a splurge like this is unexpected and very appreciated!  

Jennifer was also sweet enough to surprise us
with a Cupcakes and Mudpuddles tote bag,
which Jakey wanted to claim as his own.
So cute.

With the kids starting preschool soon,
I think I will use part of it to buy them a new "first day" outfit.
Thank you, Jennifer!


Anonymous said...

How wonderful that you won a $100 dollar Traget gift card - too cool - That will be really useful - Excellent prize and how nice of Jennifer to give.

Cupcakes and mudpuddles is an intriguing anme and her masthead is beautiful. Will go visit.

Happy Sunday to you and all those you love, Marty:)

Jennifer said...

Marty...I'm so happy to read your sweet post on this Sunday afternoon. You made my day! Thank you for your kind words. You and your family are just precious. I'm glad Jakey liked the tote bag. Many blessings to you!! :-)

Have a wonderful week!

Cameron said...

Yay! How exciting! What a wonderful gift and lovely new Blog to learn about!

Thanks and congrats! :D