Saturday, August 6, 2011

The August Break 2011: Pic 6

Here is my pic of the day:

This was taken from the bridge going over Yaquina Bay,
in Newport, here in Oregon.

For anyone who has followed my blog,
this is our "new" green bridge :)
Although we can't play on the road of this one...
but we do want to walk across it some day.

Here's a pic of the bridge itself:


It can be really beautiful, especially
at sunset.



And when the fog comes in?
It's really neat.
The bridge itself becomes obscured 
as you're driving across it,
even the metal green arch,
and it seems like you're driving into
a billow of clouds.

Well...I guess you are, huh?


Here are a few more pics,
taken by yours truly.
All from the moving car,
so please excuse the lack of quality :)

It's so nice to drive over--
the marina on the right,
and the ocean opening up on the left.


Cameron said...

Makes me think back fondly of my time in Oregon :0)

Anonymous said...

Good Sunday to you, Marty.
The green bridge is beautiful - and so are all of your various picturs of it! Makes me want to go and see:)