Friday, August 5, 2011

☁scenes from our day☁

Well, technically this was yesterday, being 12:16 am. I tend to be a late poster :)

It was a lovely day. I was able to take pics of some of my vintage goods. 
That always makes me happy.

They will all hopefully be going into the shop soon...

This dress was made by a sweet, sweet woman I knew
who lived to be 100. She was quite a character.
It's from the 1930's.

Another little vintage dress I liked,
not quite so old of course.

It seems harder to find simple, classic
dresses like this nowadays.

I think these pjs are so pretty.

A vintage gas station number sign.

This is the first Sun Rubber toy I've found
and it is SO adorable. 
I have to say, though, the squeak it makes
when you squeeze would quickly drive me craaaazy.

Later Nate and I took the kids to a little playground 
here in town. 
It's where Addie and Jake's preschool will be.

Can anyone guess one reason she is so excited to go?
Here's a clue:

Yeah, it makes me want to go to preschool, too ;)

I always love a pic of my two little boys together.
Here they are petting the pony...

I loved the patina on it.

Liam on the "rocket ship..."

...Dada with the boys.

I remember this jungle gym type of toy
from my elementary school.
Whoever sat at the very top was just the bee's knees.
Addie asked me how to climb it and I felt so old.
Let's just say I'm not as limber as I used to be...
time to get into shape!

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OP SHOP MAMA said...

I want to go to that preschool too!!