Friday, August 12, 2011

The August Break 2011: Pic 12

Yes...this really is my photo of the day ;)

I've actually never seen or even heard of this candy before.
I saw it today while at the grocery store with Addie though,
and I had to buy it.

After's "The candy bar that makes idaho famous!"

And I loved the vintage-style wrapper. Cute.

I'm not a real huge average-candy-bar eater. I love chocolate, 
but I like the schmancy types like Scharffenberger a bit more
(although I do go through periodic bouts of peanut M&Ms).

However, I was taken in by the cute wrapper and
the fact that I had no idea what could possibly be in an Idaho Spud.

That's all I could think upon looking at it.

For your sake, I will not tell you what my hubby said it looked like.
But then, he does hate coconut, so maybe he was biased ;)

Opening the inside, I found a fluffy, not-quite-white mound of...something.

It wasn't marshmallow, but by then I was biased
because I don't like candies with marshmallow at all.

I did taste it, though...
I didn't like it.

That's ok, though...what would've been a lifetime of wondering is over! 

This same concept recently made me purchase another new candy bar--
the "aerated" version of Hershey's chocolate bar.
Although it doesn't get HOT here by any means, 
it had completely melted by the time we got home.
Undeterred, I put it in the freezer and tried it later.

Guess what?
It tasted like regular Hershey's chocolate.
But then, I'm sure all that melting had something to do with it :)

Do you ever try any new foods or drinks just for the novelty of it?


Anonymous said...

Good Saturday morning to you Marty.

I have to agree with your hubby as to what that idaho spud candy bar looked like (lol). I'm not a fan of coconut eitther!

I tried a tiny bite of crab the other day in some soup - don't laugh - I don't like most seafood except tiny chilled oysters and sevruga caviar and occasionally one bit of seared ahi (go figure), but I figure if I'm going to be blogging about restaurants, I need some more variety in what I eat.

I'm not that adventurous usually, though occasionally I will try a piece of chocolate left from housekeeeping as a present at turn-down at night in a hotel:)

Marty said...

Hi Laura!

I think it would be SO fun to blog about restaurants, and try new things I might not otherwise. I once wanted to be a chef or better yet, a pastry chef. My husband's parents owned a gourmet restaurant when he was growing up, but he never liked anything like that really. So funny because we are near opposites on the majority of food preferences...he likes marshmallow in candy, I hate it, I love coconut, he hates it, etc. As he says, at least we never have to worry about the other person eating the other's favorites!

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my post! ♥

Hanna said...

haha this made me giggle (it does look a little. . . . )
the name is amazing though! and trying new things is always a good thing! (unless it's oysters or parsnips. . in which case. . don't bother!!)

Cameron said...

Never heard of that! I love coconut, but dubious creamy fillings...hmmm....made of mashed idaho potatoes? LOL!

I have a very diverse palatte, though overly spicy food is hard for me to enjoy.