Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The August Break 2011: Pic 9

Aren't these flowers amazing? 
Nonni gave them to me. She usually sends me a bouquet 
from her garden when one of the kids have visited her.
The petals of the ones above remind me of a lion's mane,
for some reason.

These are honestly some of the prettiest I've ever seen.

I wasn't sure what they were--I'm not very "flower literate"--
so for anyone who is like me and was wondering...
they're Dahlia's! :)

Here are some more "Nonni flowers."

     Speaking of flowers, as soon as I saw the fabric
on this chair, I swooned.
I loved the blue pops of color.

It saw it at the Salvation Army,
two of them actually, for $30 each.
Knowing there was a half off day coming up,
I literally prayed that they would still be there by then!

$15 for two vintage chairs sounded amazing to me :)
Although I'm not a total fan of the wood trim,
I figured I could give it a white or white-wash refresher.
Then it would really be shabby/granny chic!
And the actual shape and lines of the chairs are fabulous.

I got to the store later than I planned, certain they were gone...
but as you can guess, one was still there :)

Today was an epic day.
Because Jakey actually wanted to eat something
other than just his fries for dinner!
He is currently the world champion picky eater.
He refuses to taste 90% of the food we offer him.
Today he took a bite of his hamburger
and it was just amazing.
He was quite proud of himself.

I never thought parenting would entail 
being proud that your son ate like a normal human being,
but such it is!

I'll close with a few beach pictures.
I'm sorry if I bore with so many beach photos.
The experience of going there is still so novel and wonderful to us.
It always feels good to go there for a few hours,
and come back with our minds and souls feeling a little cleaner.

Spiritual health food, that's what the beach is! ;)

btw, I just love the happy little messages written there...

We've also been doing a lot of outdoor grilling.
This little barbecue (much like our home) is tiny,
but the perfect size for us.

Addie is a total carnivore, just like her daddy :)
To think I wanted to raise them as vegetarians once! 
I don't think it would've been possible ;)

Me and Jakey, we're more carb-ivores. 
Crackers, bread, pasta...
I guess he got that one from me!


Cameron said...

Those flowers are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Those red and yellow dahlias are GORGEOUS! Wow. This is the first and only time I've ever seen them colored like that - magnificent!

Loved the blue roses on the chair.

Good for Jake for having a bite of his burger and enjoying it. I suspect you will be grilling more hamburgers on the BBQ this summer for him:)

Your beach shots are neat - I almost could feel the sand under my feet:)