Thursday, August 11, 2011

The August Break 2011: Pic 10...and then some.

 We were so busy today, I had to use an old photo
for today's picture.
This mural is on the side of a house here in town.
I took this photograph last month as we walked 
to the 4th of July festivities.

 One of the many things I love here are how creative
people get when decorating their homes.
As bright and out-of-the-ordinary this is,
it somehow doesn't seem strange at all in this setting.
I want to start taking photos of all the
more interesting (or unusual!) ones, and share them here.

The 4th was our first "big" holiday here, and since I never shared
about it, I'll show you a bit from that day :)

The first thing we did was go to the "La De Da" parade...
but not before taking the above pic :)
I was determined to get at least one
decent one of the three of them!

The La De Da parade is a fun tradition
that's been going on for a few years.
Anyone who would like can march in it,
and it has a very charming, home-town sort of feel to it.

The walk there was gorgeous.

I don't know if I'll ever get used to living somewhere
so naturally beautiful, with mountains on one side,
the ocean on the other.
If so, it won't happen for a very long time, I don't think!
I even take pictures of the humblest of roadside flowers
because they seem so pretty to me.

The parade was fun.
People dress up in all sorts of crazy ways...
jellyfish, clowns, octopus...

I especially liked the lady on stilts!
Can you imagine what her view was like?

There were belly dancers...

super-cute, patriotic babies in wagons...

"American middle-aged idols..."

...and of course, candy.
It's not nearly as good a parade without candy.

At least these two don't think so.

I thought this (below) was so sweet!

Married 60 years....awww.
They seemed to be having so much fun!

A few more random pics...

After the parade, we went to another yearly event-- 
the Yachats Ladies Club pie and ice cream social.
I knew they were going to have tons
of different homemade pies,
and that was something I was not about to miss!
There was also a farmers market with all sorts of crafty things.

Walking in.

The line to get in was looooong, and I think
the majority of the time Nate and I were hoping
one of the kids wouldn't throw a tantrum, lol!

But seriously, who could resist a mile long table of pie?

Choosing was not easy!

We decided to go eat outside,
especially as Jakey had fallen asleep.

I chose cherry, Addie a cheescake,
and Nate a chocolate brownie.
In case you were wondering, because I would've! ;)

Here is a rather goofy-looking self portrait...

...but I was so happy that day!
It was an ideal small-town holiday, and we really enjoyed it.
And we hadn't even gotten to the fireworks yet! :)

As for the pie,
I think Liam enjoyed it.
What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Okay, all I can think about now is the Pie. I DEFINITELY think Liam enjoyed it:)

Really cute pictures of your three kids on that white bench.
And I loved the one where she is being pulled in that cart and she has the white hat on and the flag behind her.

Glad the Le De Da parade was so fun on the 4th.

You live in a beautiful place.
I enjoyed the murals too.

Cameron said...

What a wonderful Holiday together! Looks like your family fits right in with the beauty, relaxed feel and spirit of your new home :D