Saturday, August 13, 2011

The August Break 2011: Pic 13

Two glasses.

Nothing special..."treasure store" finds, 
purchased on a jaunt to Goodwill with Addie.

But oh, how special they become when you tell your child,
"This one is for you."

The one with the sun for Addie,
the corn cob one for Jakey.

(please excuse their lack of clothes, lol!)

It still amazes me how little
 it takes to please a child sometimes.

What magic they can find in simple pleasures,
little gifts.

A "big kid" glass, real glass, not plastic--
that's what makes them really alluring!
Aside from what's on them.

Later, while the boys napped,
Addie and I decided to take a snack of brownies 
and milk outside to enjoy.

(She looks so serious here!)

So, we went to our "secret" spot.
Through a passage way of flowers,
under a tree, seemingly hidden from the world.

It almost makes me feel guilty,
knowing that things that take so little effort from me
makes them so happy.

I want to do more such things with them.
Unplanned, lovely moments.

And if said moment involves giving you chocolate teeth--
that's a bonus :)

Have you had any lovely unplanned moments lately?

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Cameron said...

Sweet,, Marty! Makes me want to hug my sleeping girl....then sneak away to eat a brownie!