Sunday, August 14, 2011


Much to the chagrin of my husband (jk), I have quite an obsession
with a handful of shopping-related websites.

There are others, but those are the top contenders. 
I guess part of the draw is the savings-factor...
really cute things are even cuter when they're on sale, am I right? 

My Habit is especially addicting because of a wonderful offer
they have right now: order anything $25 or less, and you get the item free.
This is because of a promo code they have going on right now (INTNLSHIP).
There's never any shipping on their items, so that's how things come up free.
I've never really heard of a company doing that!

You can imagine how popular it is, though. Most items sell out in, literally, 
a matter of minutes. As in, one or two.
So, I was super happy to snag a tank top for Addie recently.
It would've been $18 otherwise!

Here she is wearing it...

Thanks My Habit! :D

The other obsession, as you might know, is Etsy.
Having a shop there myself has definitely only helped increase
my love for this site. I just love that there are so many beautiful,
wonderful, creative things on there...
things I could never imagine, and am delighted to constantly discover.

Here are a few items I'm lovin' right now:

This print is just too adorable and TRUE to resist.
I agree's always cake-o'clock!

Having just moved to the the coast, I am not-surprisingly
finding myself gravitating towards sea/swimming themed art.

I love this one, by Tastes Orangey--

and find this print by Samantha French just stunning.

The life-long nerdy bookworm in me adores these
Library card notebooks from Saratops.

I love everything in Leah Duncan, but this Outer Space tea towel 
is what first caught my eye.

Her designs are so cute--retro-ish yet modern and vibrant!

But one of the best things I hearted lately?
The "You Mow Girl" line of tees from  Viva Sweet Love.

Iconic female women we all know and love...mowing. 
Ah. How it appeals to my dorky sense of humor ;P

Such as: Queen Elizabeth...

the glamourous Jackie O...

and my top favorite, Frida Kahlo.

I love that they each have their own style of mower!


Do you have any shop or website obsessions? What are you loving right now?

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